Biodefense and Portable Cl02 Generation

Development of decontamination methods and strategies to address potential infectious disease outbreaks and bioterrorism events are pertinent to this nation’s biodefense strategies and general biosecurity. Chlorine dioxide (C102) gas has a history of use as a decontamination agent in response to an act of bioterrorism. However, the more widespread use of C102 gas to meet current and unforeseen decontamination needs has been hampered because the gas is too unstable for shipment and must be prepared at the application site.

Cl02 Efficacy Against Viruses

National outbreaks of avian influenza viruses have been the source of a wide range of adverse effects for the country, including the culling of thousands of birds, economic damage to commercial farms, increased product prices, and blocked international trade. Tennessee is heavily involved with the poultry industry and an outbreak of avian influenza could have serious economic impact.

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