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Meat, Poultry, and Seafood

Z-Series® air interventions provide unique cleaning and microbial interventions in meat poultry or seafood processing plants. Z-Series® air drums and buckets filter air, physically removing odor, bacteria and molds. The powerful chlorine dioxide media destroys these compounds leading to a cleaner plant. Z-Series® solution products are capable of producing chlorine dioxide solutions that can be used as a sanitizing rinse, treat waste water, or for CIP operations. StayFresh™ Maintenance and Wipeout products can be used in many locations for cleaning cooling coils, maintaining cleanliness and odor control under slicers or processing equipment.

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Brewery & Winery

Z-Series® air intervention drums and buckets treat room air, removing odors and filtering airborne microorganism. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidizer that destroys these compounds in cask rooms, cleaning the headspace of bottle / canning pasteurizers, and other hard to clean spaces. Z-Series® air products are also suited to help maintain grain silos prevention loss due molds or decay. StayFresh™ Maintenance and Wipeout products are constructed to allow for use as coil cleaners, small room cleaning interventions and and novel interventions for cask cleaning and cork cleaning. StayFresh™ DrainClO works to clean drain lines preventing odor and reducing buildup on vertical sections of the drain.

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Dairy Farms and Processing

Z-Series® Solution products can be used as liquid sanitizers for all produce types. Z-Series® Zeo Air interventions can be used in cold storage, processing airs to clean facilities air. StayFresh™ Maintenance and Wipeout products can be used for coil cleaning, area cleaning and small rooms deodorization. FruitGard® products can be used to treat produce in order to reduce food pathogens and spoilage organisms, thus increasing food safety and shelf life of fresh-cut material.

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