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StayFresh™ products work to deodorize and clean rooms, restaurants, and common areas of hotels, casinos and rental properties.

StayFresh™ BigBag™ is a unique room/air deodorizer developed to clean the air using powerful oxidizing crystals. BigBag™ keeps HVAC coils clean and allowing the continuous flow of refreshed clean air throughout an area. StayFresh™ BigBag™ is also a great way to keep any room or appliance area free and clear of unwanted odors.

The StayFresh™ Wipeout suite of products is the perfect way eliminate musty smells and smoke residue. StayFresh™ Wipeout Pods are uniquely suited for fast deodorization of refrigerators, dishwashers, and front loading washing systems.

StayFresh™ Sticks can be used to keep ice machine coils and ice clean and fresh tasting.

StayFresh™ DryCL02 releases color safe bleach oxidizing gas inside driers in order to deeply penetrate fabrics, helping to eliminate entrained odors in towels, bed linens, and room robes.

StayFresh™ DrainCLO2™ product can be use to clean tub spa or outdoor spa recirculation lines. DrainCLO2™ releases powerful chlorine dioxide into circulation water that strips built up organic matter and maintain the cleanliness of these systems.

Z-Series® ZeoAir™ Mini Pails are uniquely suited to remove odors in food coolers and extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

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