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  • StayFresh™ products introduce a new approach to building and facilities management.
  • StayFresh™ Maintenance and Wipeout chemistries are easily deployed to treat and clean HVAC systems, elevator shafts, or garbage areas prone to odor and musty smells.
  • StayFresh™ products release controlled dry chlorine dioxide that dilutes in air and selectively condenses on wet surfaces or reacts with aerosols in the air. As a potent oxidizer chlorine dioxide destroys odors cleans surfaces.
  • Z-Series® solution products bring an EPA approved intervention for cooling tower water disinfection or cleaning.  Chlorine dioxide is a well-established disinfectant with added value of low corrosion and high biofilm penetration.
  • School or college athletic centers can take full advantage of Z-Series® air interventions for lasting odor control and removal of airborne organisms. Z-Series® ZeoAir™ and ZeoAir™ Mini filter and destroy these materials.
  • StayFresh™ Wipeout, Maintenance and BigBag™ products provide instant ready methods for cleaning gear, e.g. football padding, lockers and soft padding.
  • Z-Series® Solution Sachets provide ready-made solutions for sprays or an oxidizing boost to other cleaning formulations.
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