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Product Info

StayFresh™ DrainCL02™ is a rapid concentrated release chlorine dioxide system. The Pod can be used for water line interventions.

Who Uses It

  1. Agriculture
  2. Food Processing
  3. Food Service
  4. Healthcare & First Response
  5. Animal Health
  6. Commercial Laundries
  7. Consumers
  8. Grocery Stores

How It’s Used

Rotate the pod to the open position, compress to break the inner seal and shake to activate. Hang or place the pod at the highest point in the treatment area above the drain. The Pod will remain activated for 2 hours. Dispose of in the trash.


Propriety package system that facilities the combination of two activation medias that generate chlorine dioxide gas for up to 2 hours. The Pod design allows use in both air and water systems.

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