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Packing House/Cold Storage

  • Z-Series® solution products are used to make sanitizing rinses or for dump tank interventions.
  • FruitGard® products are used to directly treat the surfaces of produce and reduce microbial loads that reduce shelf life.
  • StayFresh™ products are used to treat hvac coils, air distribution systems, or as filtration and cleaning systems in coolers or storage areas.

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  • Extending the shelf life of produce moved in refrigerated trucks or shipboard containers is a constant challenge but ICA offers multiple solutions
  • StayFresh™ Maintenance and Wipeout chemistries offer simple programs to keep coils and plenums clean and reduce cross-contamination of the product by air movement. StayFresh™ Air Sticks are unique long-lasting chlorine dioxide releasing products that work in conjunction with other products like ethylene absorption or desiccant sachets. StayFresh™ Air Sticks clean air and prevents air systems from becoming a source of decay.
  • FruitGard® products are designed for direct food interventions in transit and stop microbial decay from spreading within the source material.  FruitGard® products can be tuned to the produce type, duration of shipment and environmental conditions, e.g. temperature of the containers.

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Greenhouse Interventions and Urban Farming

  • Z-Series® water and air intervention products increase produce yields and reduce disease spread in greenhouse environments. Z-Series® Solution Sachets and Z-Series® Water Purifier are used to disinfect irrigation water, clean grow towers, water circulation systems and water lines.
  • Z-Series® Chlorine Dioxide Cleaning Sachets can be used for general house cleaning and foliar sprays. Z-Series® Zeo Air intervention products are used to filter and destroy bacteria, molds and other contaminants from indoor air increasing productivity and harvest quality.
  • StayFresh™ UltraShok™ is used for the hardest to clean jobs. It penetrates and works within one hour to eliminate bacteria that can cause algae build-up on grow towers.

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StayFresh™ and Z-Series® products clean the air and remove pathogens harmful to cannabis growing. Our products improve growing environments by reducing disease pressure that spreads in the air, such as molds, bacteria, and viruses.

Our Z-Series® ZeoAir™ Drum and its smaller version, ZeoAir™ Mini, have proven performance inside greenhouses and drying room operations. A clean growing environment provided by our technology will improve productivity and the quality of your yield.

Our patented ZeoAir™ system uses the same technology found in our EPA registered FruitGard® products to treat large cultivation facilities for the potential risk of mold and mildew contamination. The best part of our protection program is that our technology leaves behind no residue to ensure your crop yield is optimal.

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