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Product Info

The StayFresh™ Solution Sachets are easy to use, on the spot surface cleaner generation system. ICA like’s to call it the better bleach. Each sachet generates the exact levels of chlorine dioxide when submerged in water to create a disinfectant cleaning solution. When packaged with a reusable spray bottle, consumers have a very inexpensive way to continually generate a cleaning solution for their needs while eliminating the need for one-use plastics.


Who Uses It

StayFresh™ Solution Sachets are appropriate for hard surface cleaning in the following industries

  1. Agriculture (Can also be used as a food surface spray)
  2. Animal Health
  3. Automotive
  4. Building & Facilities
  5. Commercial Laundries
  6. Consumers
  7. Food Processing
  8. Food Service
  9. Grocery Stores
  10. Healthcare & First Response
  11. Hospitality
  12. Manufacturing & Municipalities

How It’s Used

Take the provided ICA labeled spray bottle or any spray bottle of your choosing and place one StayFresh™ Solution Sachet inside. Fill the bottle up with water and let the solution sit for one hour. The water will turn a greenish-yellow when ready to be used a surface cleaner.


The StayFresh™ Solution Sachet system works by generating low levels of chlorine dioxide into water to create a powerful oxidizing cleaner.

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