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The StayFresh™ AutoPure™ program is designed to bring the power of chlorine dioxide to the automotive industry. The AutoPure™ program will allow vehicles of any type to be rapidly de-odorized and maintained to stop odors from any source while keeping cabin air, surfaces, fabrics and carpets clean. The AutoPure™ program will offer customization, reliability and important odor and sanitation interventions for detailers, car wash operators, fleet managers, car restoration, dealerships and RV centers.

The AutoPure™ program is based on the StayFresh™ UltraShok™ dry release chlorine dioxide chemistry known to eliminate odors in less than an hour. Chlorine Dioxide is particularly effective for water and smoke intrusion. Chlorine Dioxide effectively penetrates carpets, insulating materials and fabrics destroying the microclimates that allow mold and mildew to grow. Ultrashok™ is also effectively treating vehicle evaporating coils. The dry gas flows into the system and condenses on the coils breaking down organic buildup associated with odors. UltraShok™ Pods are designed around the safety, ease of use, and efficacy concerns the car industry prioritizes.

The AutoPure™ program also includes an easy to use maintenance option. The StayFresh™ BigBag™ releases low levels of chlorine dioxide over a long period of time so it can be left inside stored vehicles to maintain a clean environment. BigBag™ can prevent surface molds and mildews by radically changing the microclimate they like to grow in.

AutoPure™ programs can be customized for fleet vehicles for rental, police, agricultural, and auction houses. Bulk intervention products are available for high turnover or frequent application needs.

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