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Product Info

The Z-Series® Solution Sachet packs are EPA registered (# 79814-3) for potable waste and industrial water disinfection and biological control.  A 25g pack treats up to 15,000 gallons of drinking water. The same package can be used to create 125 gallons of cleaning stock solution.

Precursor and activator packed separately in plastic bags. ZipSeal generator sachet included with each Part A and Part B unit.

25 units per pale.

Who Uses It

  1. Agriculture – Greenhouse Water Disinfection, Soil Intervention
  2. Retail – Water Line Cleaner
  3. Food Processing – Water Treatment
  4. Animal Health – Drinking Water Disinfection, House Cleaning
  5. Military – Water Disinfection
  6. Hospitality – Pool and Spa Cleaning, Water Management Programs
  7. Foodservice – Water Management
  8. Manufacturing/Transportation

How It’s Used

Mix the two granules together in the zip seal generator sachet. Place the sachet into clean water for 48 hours to make a stock solution or place the sachet directly into water sumps or basins.


Chlorine Dioxide is a well-known water disinfectant and algaecide. Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful antimicrobial agent with strong disinfectant and odor removal properties.

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