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StayFresh™ ZeoZorb™ uses zeolites which absorb liquids and odor compounds. ZeoZorb™ is unique because it contains a mild oxidizing agent which destroys odor compounds and other organic material. ZeoZorb™ is a highly effective odor intervention product where the odor is associated with bacteria or molds. ZeoZorb™ is safe for use around people and animals.

Sprinkle the powder over porous surfaces like carpets, garbage cans and other odor areas throughout a facility or home. ZeoZorb™ is an excellent small animal litter amendment to help control the odor that emits from a standard litter box.

StayFresh™ ZeoZorb™ is an impregnated dry media shipped in 32oz resealable plastic containers.

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Who Uses It

  1. Hospitality (Garbage Can/Dumpster Odor Control)
  2. Foodservice (Garbage Can/Dumpster Odor Control)
  3. Building & Facilities (Garbage Can/Dumpster Odor Control)
  4. Consumers (Small Animal Litter Amendment, Cat Litter Box, Carpet Cleaner, Garbage Cans)

How It’s Used

For garbage cans and dumpsters, spread the powder generously over the bottom of the container. It continuously destroy odors and absorb moisture.

For carpets, sprinkle the powder over the problem area. The powder will absorb any moisture. Allow it to sit until it returns to its original dry state then sweep up and throw away.

As a small litter amendment, pour a generous amount over of the top of the litter. Effectively oxidizes odors and keeps the litter fresher longer.


Absorbent powder that contains oxidizing/bleach like chemistry. Absorbs and destroys intense odors caused by bacteria and molds. Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful antimicrobial agent with strong disinfectant and odor removal properties.

How to Use StayFresh™ ZeoZorb™ with Cat Litter

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