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ICA Solutions – Pineapple and Plantain Mold Prevention Solved

FruitGard® has proven itself to be an effective antimicrobial for spoilage pathogens on all produce surfaces. Microorganisms can bloom during transport causing waste of product and resources. SGE, LLC (SGE), ran a full-scale trial to evaluate FruitGard® interventions in shipping containers of plantains and pineapples to prevent mold in transit and to increase shelf life post transit.

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Food and Beverage Technology Review

“FoodDefend® is changing the way we think about food sustainability. Learn how their unique solutions are solving one of the world’s biggest issues.” – Mr. Steve Beers, representing our affiliate FoodDefend®, has landed on the front page of a good industry publication.

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Welcome the new and improved ZeoZorb and VegProTek!

Welcome the New and Improved ZeoZorb™ and VegProTek®!

ICA is proud to unveil the first look at upcoming product redesigns. Our unique technology needed a new look equally as powerful as the products themselves. Please be on the lookout for more reveals soon!

New Published Paper! ICA Helps Small Farmers Reduce Food Waste in India
New StayFresh VegProTek Format

New StayFresh™ VegProTek® Format!

New product format for Stay Fresh VegProTek® – We are happy to announce the completed development of in package VegProTek® sachets for use inside produce and fruit storage containers. This smaller packing allows farmers, grocers and consumers to extend the shelf life of their fruits and vegetables. We aim to have VegProTek® involved in protecting fruits and vegetables from premature decay at every stop from farm to fork.

Haitian Relief – ICA is Answering the Call

ICA wants to continue to help the world solve problems. As a company, we are committed to helping the world achieve zero hunger, good health and well-being, clean water and climate change. The earthquake that just hit Haiti has left a lot of its citizens without access to clean water. ICA has provided aid in the form of our Z-Series® Solution Sachets in order to help people get access to clean water. We provided enough solution to treat up to 900,000 gallons of water so SAKALA can continue to help Haiti recover from another natural disaster. Our Z-Series® Solution Sachets are an EPA registered potable waste and industrial water disinfection tool used to help give people access to clean water anywhere.

“I am so grateful for the Z-Series® Solution Sachet pails that made it here on time. I am now thinking about how we can distribute them with different groups so they can have the capacity to provide clean water to those in most need. Thank you for this support that came just at the right time.”

Deodorization Kit

Introducing the StayFresh™ Deodorization Kit!

ICA is now offering a deodorization kit to help treat sports and work equipment. The kit is designed to include three products that cover the immediate odor solution and long-term maintenance.

Ready to brew? ICA is ready to help!

ICA is now ready to help the breweries and wineries improve cleaning with new, unique products for air and hard surfaces Breweries can get nasty. Whether it’s the aspiring home brewer or an Anheuser-Busch, Z-Series® and Stay Fresh products can help keep equipment clean and help reduce the downtime between brews.


Cannabis and Chlorine Dioxide, a certified match. See how ICA is helping growers big and small.

The cannabis industry is ready to explode and ICA will be ready for the large scale grower and the eager home stoner. Stay Fresh Zeo Air and its Mini version are perfect for helping to maintain the perfect growing environment for cannabis. Cannabis requires a very precise and controlled environment for optimal growth. Zeo Air helps keep the air free from harmful organisms that can adversely affect the growth of healthy buds all while leaving no residue on the plant.

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