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New product format for Stay Fresh VegProTek® – We are happy to announce the completed development of in package VegProTek® sachets for use inside produce and fruit storage containers. This smaller packing allows farmers, grocers and consumers to extend the shelf life of their fruits and vegetables. We aim to have VegProTek® involved in protecting fruits and vegetables from premature decay at every stop from farm to fork.

Product Info

About two-thirds of food waste at home is due to food not being used before it goes bad. Who hasn’t seen lettuce wilt, strawberries turn moldy gray or veggies melt in the bottom of a crisper drawer? Wasting food wastes everything; water, labor, fuel, money. The amount of food waste increases dramatically the closer produce gets to your refrigerator.

VegProTek® was designed to help people extend the life of fruits and vegetables in any refrigerator. VegProTek® combines natural zeolites with powerful oxidizing chemistry to control the decay of fruits and vegetables. VegProTek® leverages ICA-TriNova’s FruitGard® technology to achieve amazing outcomes for the everyday consumer.

Who Uses It

How It’s Used

Remove the VegProTek® sachet from the outer package and place inside your refrigerator in a convenient location or directly inside your crisper drawer or deli/cheese drawer.

VegProTek® is not just for refrigerated spaces. It’s also usual for dry produce storage for potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and citrus.


Propriety sachet that combines natural zeolites with powerful oxidizing cleaning crystals that will absorb compounds known to accelerate food decay and waste. VegProTek® technology is a safe intervention method that leaves no residue on produce, meat, or cheese inside of a refrigerator.

New Look Same Great Quality

Small VegProTek® Packets Available Oct. 2021

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