Controlled Chemical Release Products for Food Safety/Security, Indoor Air Quality and Water Safety

From farms to your gym bag, we’ve got you covered.

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VegProTek® – Save the Food, Save the Planet!

FoodDefend® is Changing the Way We Think About Food Sustainability

FoodDefend® is Changing the Way We Think About Food Sustainability

Welcome the New and Improved ZeoZorb™ and VegProTek®!

Welcome the New and Improved ZeoZorb™ and VegProTek®!

Our Science is Everywhere

Our science is our secret. Through our research and chemical formulas, we’ve created solutions for different environments ranging from 1 hour time release products to a 30 day maintenance time release solution to keep your world healthier.

Who is ICA-TriNova?

ICA-TriNova began in 2000 with a team of chemical engineers who believed in using science to make a positive impact on the world in which we live. Over the years, our team as grown as have our theories.

Today, our teams are called to assist in health care crises and natural disasters throughout the world. Even though our science can impact the world on a large scale during trying times, our desire is for the everyday household to be able to have access to simple science solutions that can make their household lives safer and healthier.

FruitGard® is Saving Costs for the Potato Farmers

Globally, about one-third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste.

We’re changing that story.

Our products for commercial and residential use are proven to improve air quality, reduce microorganisms, improve food safety and sustainability, and make the world a safer place.

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Attention Urban Farmers

Prevent algae build-up in your tower gardens. Make growing simpler and easy with our water purifier solution.

ICA Products are Helping in the COVID Fight

Client Testimonials

“We have been using the StayFresh™ Maintenance Pod in our aeroponic systems and have found it to improve the root health and decrease the algae build-up while growing plants. This saves us time and money by not having to clean the system as frequently and improved crop health means less waste.”

“Epione Systems has long used maintenance marsupials for a variety of odor interventions. Really easy to use product package that delivers the right chemistry over the right time for our customers.”

“I have been coaching high school lacrosse for fifteen years and the one constant is the powerful odor that accompanies my teams wherever we go. StayFresh™ BigBag™ are the only product we’ve ever tried that ELIMINATES the odors instead of hiding them. It cleans and deodorizes better than any other product we’ve tried. If you have an athlete with smelly gear you need this product. Great stuff!”

We began using this product in our walk-in refrigerator earlier this summer to combat odor and mold. It’s working great! We’ve had no new mold growing on the shelves, jars or food, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that it even disappeared from places we couldn’t clean. Another big plus to using the Maintenance product line is that it doesn’t have any strong perfumes. There is a chlorine-like smell for a few days when we put in a new batch, but it soon disappears and the product keeps working away. Many thanks to those who developed and produce it!

I’ve used ICA consumer products for 20 years to prevent general household odors and pet stench from staying around my home. No other product on the market compares. It’s effective, efficient and most importantly safe. It’s absolutely THE BEST!!!

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