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StayFresh™ products are uniquely positioned to help improve day to day grocery operation and aid in improving food security, customer satisfaction and shelf life. The suite of products is unique interventions that help keep deli, fish, meat and dairy cases clean and fresh smelling.

The StayFresh™ Air Stick was specifically designed to work inside fresh produce display cases and misting cases. The chemistry keeps coils/plenums clean and is proven to increase produce shelf life.

StayFresh™ Wipeout Pods make it easy to rapidly deodorize and clean empty display cases.

StayFresh™ BigBag™ is an excellent long-lasting air intervention for store HVAC systems, ice machines and small coolers.

StayFresh™ Flower Fresh sachets extend the life of fresh-cut flowers. The sachet routinely keeps the water inside vases and misting cases clean and clear of bacteria that causes decay.

Z-Series® Cleaning Sachets can be used for hard surface cleaning, produce and meat rinsing, and misting water line cleaning.

Z-Series® ZeoAir™ Mini works well inside produce and dairy coolers to control odors and improve food quality. The ZeoAir™ system recirculates clean air into the cooler to destroy the microorganisms that cause decay.

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