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StayFresh™ BigBag™ is well suited for odor and air headspace interventions in medical waste or garbage cans use in hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices. BigBag™ releases low levels of chlorine dioxide that destroys organic matter in the air. BigBag™ can be used to control decay odors in morgues, dialysis clinics and other treatment areas prone to these problems.

StayFresh™ Wipeout and UltraShok™ pods are a fast response interventions for air cleaning and deodorizing small rooms, vehicles, ambulances or hursts. These pods can also be used to remediate masks, body armor, fire gear, and soft material goods. These pods are also convenient for odor and interventions to treat cadavers during storage and transport.

StayFresh™ DrainClO2 pods are designed to treat vertical drain systems in sinks or showers effectively deodorizing and stripping organic matter in traps or on vertical surfaces of non-filled pipe.

StayFresh™ Cleaner Sachets offer a convenient way to make 50-100 ppm chlorine dioxide solutions that can be used for hard surface cleaning, electrostatic sprays or fogging. Cleaner sachets can be combined with other disinfectant or cleaner products to improve efficacy. These products help penetrate and remove organic matter and odors.

StayFresh™ Wipeout and Maintenance Marsupial bags are sized to treat larger HVAC systems, cleaning air and condensing coils.

Z-Series® ZeoAir™ products are effective air filtration and cleansing devices that can be used in HVAC, room or large area interventions. The zeolite bed material powerfully filters microorganisms and its oxidizing properties effectively destroys odors and organic matter removed from the air.

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