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Product Info

StayFresh™ BigBag™ does the biggest odor and cleaning jobs in the toughest environments. BigBag™ wipes out odors caused by bacteria and decaying material. BigBag™ can be used in many applications. The BigBag™ aids in keeping surfaces clean in HVAC systems and condensing drain lines. BigBag™ is a great complementary product that can be used with dehumidifiers or other moisture-absorbing products. StayFresh™ BigBag™ is manufactured to come in three sizes; BigBag™ XL, BigBag™, BigBag™ Mini. The product is designed to be used for up to 60 days.

Who Uses It

  1. Agriculture (Transportation, HVAC, Storage, Urban Farming)
  2. Retail (Misting Cases, Coolers, Meat Cases, Produce Displays, Diary)
  3. Food Processing (HVAC)
  4. Healthcare & First Response (Odor Control, HVAC, Cleaning)
  5. Animal Health (Egg Rooms, Setter Rooms, Fleet Vehicle Maintenance, HVAC, Small Area Deodorization, Floor/Cage Absorbent)
  6. Military (Forward Operating Base/Medical Unit Interventions)
  7. Manufacturing & Transportation (Plenum Cleaning)
  8. Hospitality (HVAC Coil Cleaning, Ice Handling Equipment, Garbage/Dumpster Odor Control)
  9. Foodservice (Coolers, Diary, Ice Machines, Garbage Cans)
  10. Commercial Laundries (Odor Control)
  11. Building & Faciliities (HVAC Coil Cleaning, Garbage/Dumpster Odor Control)
  12. Consumers (Storage Units, Room Deodorization, HVAC Drain Line/Coil Cleaning, Garbage Can Deodorization, Refrigerators, Sports Equipment Deodorization)

How It’s Used

Take the BigBag™ out of the package and hang or place where needed. BigBag™ is great for rooms, HVAC lines, coolers, pet areas and beyond. BigBag™ is designed to work for 60 days.


BigBig contains a proprietary single part media that absorbs moisture and destroys intense odors compounds. BigBag™ also releases a mild oxidizing agent that keeps surfaces clean. BigBag™ was designed with simplicity in mind.

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