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Product Info

StayFresh™ Air Stick is designed to be a slow chlorine dioxide release product to clean air and surrounding surfaces. The convenient stick design can be easily mounted to walls or air plenums. This proprietary media product releases chlorine dioxide slowly for 60 days. Often used in HVAC plenums, refrigerated trucks, shipboard containers, and in retail produce display cases.

Who Uses It

  1. Agriculture (Produce, Shipping, Transportation, HVAC Cleaning, Storage)
  2. Retail (Misting Cases, Coolers, Dry Produce Displays, Ice Machines)
  3. Food Processing (HVAC, Pasteurizers)
  4. Healthcare & First Response (Dialysis Clinics, HVAC systems, Odor Control, Cleaning, Deodorization)
  5. Manufacturing & Transportation (HVAC Cleaning)
  6. Hospitality (Ice Handling Equipment)
  7. Foodservice (Coolers, Ice Machines)
  8. Commercial Laundries
  9. Building & Facilities (HVAC Cleaning)
  10. Consumers (Athletic Gear Deodorization, Pets, Laundry Baskets)

How It’s Used

Take the SF Air Stick out of the package and place/attach where needed. Replace the contents of the Air Stick after 60 days. The StayFresh™ Air Stick is manufactured to come in three sizes; 10, 20 and 36 inch lengths.


The StayFresh™ Air Stick combines our powerful chemistry with an easy to carry and use a proprietary package. The SF Air Stick generates low levels of chlorine dioxide gas in order to clean surfaces as well as eliminate and prevent odors caused by microorganisms.

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