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Product Info

Z-Series® Litter Granules is a unique intervention technology to improve operating conditions in animal housing or agricultural settings. The design represents an innovative approach to apply ClO2 gas in these settings. Used alone or in conjunction with an acid activator, this treatment offers a cost-effective method for cleaning barns, greenhouses and treating litter/soils.

Who Uses It

  1. Agriculture
  2. Animal Health

How It’s Used

Z-Series® Litter Granules can be spread by hand, push spreaders, or tow behind pull spreaders for larger applications. Follow up treatments with solid or liquid acidifiers can be used to stimulate the release of chlorine dioxide. For some applications, the Z-Series® Litter Granules or combinations acid granules can be tilled into litter bed.


Z-Series® Litter Granules slowly release chlorine dioxide over time to treat the litter and any surface it makes contact with. They can be used to treat soil columns that affect plant growth and yields or improve the quality of litter beds that affect animal health. Chlorine Dioxide is a strong oxidizing agent with excellent odor removal properties that is compatible with litter or soil columns.

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