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Personal Care

StayFresh™ Shoe Blast™ sachets are “feets” down the best product for taking the odor out of shoes. Shoe Blast™ contains moisture-absorbing crystals embedded with our patented oxidizing chemistry help dry the shoe and destroy odor-causing bacteria. The Shoe Blast™ chemistry goes beyond masking agents or powder absorbents as it effectively penetrates and destroys odors inside the linings or paddings of a shoe. Shoe Blast™ works best the toughest odor jobs and is a coveted odor solution for serious athletes, hikers and working man or woman.

The StayFresh™ Stick is the ultimate odor control solution for gym bags, lockers, or car trunks. The packaging was designed with accessibility and flexibility in mind.

StayFresh™ Wipeout Pods knockout embedded odors in sports padding, hard surface gear (helmets) and other protective equipment. Wipeout interventions go way beyond surface sprays offered by FrebreezeR or LysolR as Wipeout releases a penetrating oxidizer that destroys odor at its source and keeps gear cleaner longer.

StayFresh™ Maintenance Pods are were designed for long-lasting odor control for stored athletic gear. Regular use destroys embedded odors in sports padding, hard surface gear and protective equipment.

StayFresh™ DryCLO2 Sachets release powerful chlorine dioxide, a color-safe bleach, that can knock out tough embedded clothing odors in your dryer. DryCLO2 Sachets can be placed in steam-water systems or used directly in the dryer with inside a drier ball for a deep dry clean.


StayFresh™ BigBag™ stops odors caused by mold and mildew in commercial storage units, stored boats, RVs, homes, condos and cars. Mold and mildew love stagnant air and humidified conditions, known as microclimates, to grow and prosper. StayFresh™ BigBag™ changes the game and makes any space less hospitable for mold growth while destroying musty smells. It’s designed to work for long periods of time to ensure 24/7 protection.

Home Care

StayFresh™ Wipeout pods are a portable fast response interventions for multiple home appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, sink garbage disposals, or garbage cans. The average home appliance is made from plastics that harbor foul odors. Wipeout chemistry is designed using bleach releasing crystals uniquely capable of penetrating plastics to destroy odor at the source. Wipeout pods are also effective air purifiers.

StayFresh™ CL02 Cleaner Sachets offer the fastest and most complete way to deodorize a front load washing machine. Despite their efficiency, washers have a tendency to retain soap scums that make a happy home for mildew, bacteria, and mold. Dirt, soap, and bits of fabric can get trapped under the gasket, creating yet another breeding ground for nasty smells. StayFresh™ CL02 Cleaner Sachets release powerful chlorine dioxide that easily migrates into all these washer areas for more effective odor solutions.

StayFresh™ VegProTek® was designed to help people extend the life of fruits and vegetables in any refrigerator. VegProTek® combines natural zeolites with powerful oxidizing chemistry to control the decay of fruits and vegetables. VegProTek® leverages ICA-TriNova’s FruitGard® technology to achieve amazing outcomes for the everyday consumer.

Pets and Farms

StayFresh™ ZeoZorb™ contains a uniquely manufactured blend of absorbent crystals that destroy odors and keep litter boxes fresh longer. ZeoZorb™ should be used with any commercial liter to extend the life of the litter and quell any odor that might emanate from within a litter box. Why spend too much on specialty brands when a few scoops of ZeoZorb™ makes standard litter products feel like a premium product. ZeoZorb™ is pet friendly and safe for use with your cats. Who likes the smell of cat litter? No one not even the cat!

StayFresh™ CL02 Cleaner Sachets is used to make a low concentration chlorine dioxide spray that immediately neutralizes sulfur-based odor compounds. The spray is pet friendly and safe to use. Cleaner sachets can be used alone or combined with most pet wash soaps and detergents.

StayFresh™ BigBag™ the best product for stopping odors caused by dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, mice – just about any animal! BigBag™ changes the game and makes treats cage and bedding odors and keeping surfaces clean. BigBag™ is designed to work for long periods – offering 24/7 protection.

Z-Series® Litter Granules offer a unique way to keep floors clean, stop odors and generally improve the health of your animals. Spread Litter Granules liberally underneath beddings for horse stalls, goat barns, chicken coops and hauling trailer floors to absorb liquids and clean the flooring.

StayFresh™ Wipeout Pods are a unique deodorizing intervention for animal beddings. When washing just won’t do place your favorite dog bed inside a closed tote or sealed container. Add Wipeout and wait while it releases deeply penetrating chlorine dioxide bleach that kills odor and creates a climate inhospitable to odor-causing bacteria, fleas and ticks.

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