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Product Info

Shoe Blast™ doesn’t mask odors it destroys them. Don’t let the simplicity of the product fool you, its hands down the best shoe odor intervention on the market.

Who Uses It

Shoe Blast™ works on the toughest odor problems. Athletes, working professionals and the every day man or woman can use Shoe Blast™. Shoe Blast™ takes on the toughest challenges and provides simple shoe and foot care.

How It’s Used

Its simple, remove the odor destroying Shoe Blast™ sachet and place it into your shoe immediately after a sporting event, long days of work or everyday wear and tear.

The powerful crystals inside a Shoe Blast™ sachet work as hard as you do. One treatment is often more than enough to keep you and your loved ones safe from the harmful and toxic odors the emanate from your shoes.


Specially formulated chemistry that is activated by the heat and moisture inside your shoe that effectively destroys odors.

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