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FruitGard® Dual Pouch Mold Intervention Shipping Study: Pineapples and Plantains

FruitGard® has proven itself to be an effective antimicrobial for spoilage pathogens on all produce surfaces. Microorganisms can bloom during transport causing waste of product and resources. SGE, LLC (SGE), ran a full-scale trial to evaluate FruitGard® interventions in shipping containers of plantains and pineapples to prevent mold in transit and to increase shelf life post transit. SGE used FruitGard® Wipeout and Maintenance pouches to create a custom release (of total fumigant dose and timed release over the shipping cycle) intervention for each produce type. This test showed statistically significant reductions in mold development on crownless and whole pineapples during shipment and for up to three weeks in cold storage, 40 F. The test also showed similar outcomes for plantains. FruitGard® pouches were a convenient way to deploy the fumigant in shipping containers and the intervention was proven to be safe for container re-entry at the port of entry.

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