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2020 has been quite the year. An unprecedented global pandemic has brought major changes to how business is conducted around the world and ICA-TriNova is no exception. Global shutdowns, supply chain constraints, and the need for clean air spaces have opened the doors for new business opportunities at ICA-TriNova. Over the last twenty years, the team at ICA has strived to use our unique technology and product solutions to make a positive impact on health care providers, food security/sustainability, and the general quality of life for people around the world. Our innovation has never been in more demand.

Zero Hunger

The global pandemic has created food shortages around the world by constraining supply chains and our traditional means of transporting food. 40% of the global population depends on the agricultural industry to make ends meet therefore the need to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables has never been more important. Our EPA registered and FDA approved FruitGard® technology has been an integral solution to this problem and has helped to enhance food security, improve productivity, and eliminate food waste at all scales during this pandemic. ICA has seen a major uptick in the use of FruitGard® across the agricultural industry and we’re looking forward to the possible expansion of our EPA label to include a variety of exciting new crop groups going forward.

Good Health and Well Being

The need for clean air spaces and surfaces has never been more important. Our StayFresh™ line of products offers easy to use cleaning solutions for the medical, first responder, EMT, and regular home consumers around the world. Our unique chemistries bring air and surface sterilization interventions without complicated equipment or har to manage product safety footprints. Our StayFresh™ line of products keeps your air spaces clean and safe.

Clean Water and Sanitation

This year, ICA’s Z-Series® Solution Sachets picked up steam. We worked hard with our partners at M16 and World Water Missions to highlight our important work in water sanitation in countries such as Haiti. The need for clean water and sanitation is always a priority and is often something we take for granted. Safe drinking water and hygienic waste-water protect people from disease and allows for countries to be more productive.

Climate Action

One of the biggest issues affecting climate change is the need to eliminate package waste. ICA is proud to have optimized many of its product formats this year to help in that effort. For example, just one of our Z-Series® Solution Sachet pales is the equivalent of 25 full-size water treatment drums and doesn’t require the use of electricity. Most of the materials used in our product designs are natural and recyclable. ICA is committed to helping the world reach net-zero carbon emission goals. Other examples of our products making a difference include our StayFresh™ and FruitGard® chemistries. StayFresh™ products can help increase the efficiency of HVAC units and shelf-life of perishables. FruitGard® is EPA and FDA approved to increase the viability of agricultural-based operations. Efficiently run farms are significant carbon sinks.

ICA-TriNova is looking forward to helping solve the world’s needs through innovative and sustainable technologies. The team in Newnan is looking forward to a bright 2021 as we continue to improve our processes and expand our operations.

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